Becky Brookes and her dog stand in front of a car owned by the Hearing Dogs for the Blind organization
By Your Edge Blog Team | March 29, 2021

Meet Our Women Leaders | Becky Brookes: Loyal Zebra, Fierce Animal Lover, Trusted Channel Leader and Champion for Women in Tech

In this new podcast interview, we find out just why Becky believes so strongly in building long-term relationships and how her rural upbringing helped her cultivate a successful career in the booming tech sector.

When Becky Brookes joined Zebra in 1998, we were in the middle of the dot-com bubble, Google had just been founded and the number of women in tech was dwindling. But Zebra – with only 1500 employees and a “single product” portfolio – was on the brink of something big! Now, more than 20 years later and eight roles later, the UK native is reflecting back on just how much has changed at the company and within the tech sector – and a few things that haven’t yet, but hopefully will soon.

Listen to this last podcast episode in our Women’s History Month 2021 series to learn:

  • why Becky, who just assumed a new role as Director of Global Channel Development, has stayed with the same company for so long.
  • how opportunities for women in technology have changed in the past two decades.
  • what it’s going to take to create a more inclusive culture in technology.
  • about the initiatives being taken to showcase the work of women in tech and the changes that she hopes to elicit specifically as a woman leader in the tech industry.
  • what excited her most about technology when she was growing up and going through school.
  • the value that she believes the channel can bring to companies of all sizes.
  • what it takes to build and sustain a successful channel operation.
  • how to build trust with partners and keep them engaged enough to support your business for years on end.
  • who she trusts to guide her through life both personally and professionally.
  • why she is so passionate about the work being done by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in the UK and the work she is doing with the organization. 

Meet Our Women Leaders: Becky Brookes

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