What Can We Do to #BreakTheBias About Women in the Workplace (and Society) Once and For All?

For one, we can stop thinking this isn’t important, says one man who has been leading people and advocating for women’s equality for over two decades.

Several women sit at a conference room table discussing a project with their male colleagues
by Therese Van Ryne
March 08, 2022

There are many reasons why gender biases still exist today, and we need to understand and address all of them, explain Emily Cates and Rich Thompson in today’s Your Edge Podcast episode. However, that’s only possible if women and men work together as change agents.

That’s why Emily and Rich co-chair Zebra’s Women’s Inclusion Network. They are striving for true equality and inclusion in the workplace, and that starts by inviting men to participate in conversations about women’s issues so they can become aware of biases and learn how to adapt behaviors or better advocate for women.

In our 25-minute sit down for International Women’s Day, Rich explains what he has experienced since joining WIN and subsequently taking a leadership role. He and Emily also provide interesting perspectives on:

  • [3:15] why it’s a gender stereotype to say that a man shouldn’t be at the helm of a women’s organization.
  • [5:31] the gender biases that still need to be broken in society, the tech industry and the workplace (including stereotyping of men’s “place”).
  • [11:25] how well organizations are doing at eliminating discrimination against women in the workplace.
  • [16:55] the most effective ways to breakdown misperceptions and breakthrough long-held belief systems to help create more awareness of behaviors that may be contributing to gender inequality issues.
  • [19:30] what we can do to permanently erase defined gender roles at a societal level so that women feel more comfortable going into STEM fields.
  • [21:21] what Zebra is doing well right now to #BreakTheBias and create a more inclusive and equitable culture for women within our organization.
  • [24:12] the one thing every individual can do in their daily lives to #BreakTheBias.
  • [24:50] the one thing we can stop doing that would further progress us toward a gender equal world.

What Can We Do to #BreakTheBias About Women in the Workplace (and Society) Once and For All?

Therese Van Ryne
Therese Van Ryne is Global Director of PR, Thought Leadership and Advocacy for Zebra Technologies. One of PR News’ 2019 Top Women in PR and Crain's Chicago's 2021 Most Notable Executives in Marketing, Therese also has experience as a journalist, editor and producer, reporting nightly from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
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