Zebra Technologies’ Wireless LAN Helps Improve Security at South Africa’s Riverside Park

Advanced wireless network provides high-performance broadband coverage for security cameras

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – June 22, 2015  – Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a global leader in products and services that provide real-time visibility into organizations’ assets, people and transactions, today announced that Riverside Park, South Africa, has installed its high-performance MESH networking technology to connect security cameras. Riverside Park is a mixed residential and commercial area spanning 4 km².

With its rural location, varied topography and proximity to the South African border, establishing a reliable security system was both a high priority and a major challenge for Riverside Park, situated in Mbombela, the capital of South Africa’s Mpumalanga province. The crime rate has fallen dramatically since the Zebra solution was installed. 

Riverside Park Precinct Association selected the Zebra MESH high-performance access points as it was the only one capable of providing uninterrupted coverage across an area of mixed terrain, with numerous buildings and other Wi-Fi networks – all issues that can impair coverage.


  • The network, installed by partner ICTS in very challenging RF conditions, connects 36 CCTV cameras across the park and provides Wi-Fi hotspots for visitors.
  • Riverside Park believes that spending on security can be reduced by as much as 50 percent due to remote monitoring by the end of the 5-year installation period.
  • Previously, 80 percent of Riverside Park’s surveillance work was carried out by staff and 20 percent by technology. This figure is now reversed – improving the safety of security teams and allowing them to prioritize incident response.
  • The roll-out of number plate recognition software has further helped the team enhance security. Each vehicle is cross-referenced against the police database as it enters the park.
  • Software will also be deployed that alerts teams to suspicious behavior.


Renate Scholle, city improvement district manager, Riverside Park

“Security is the number one concern for Riverside Park’s residents and business owners. We chose Zebra’s Wi-Fi network because it was secure and reliable – and the company delivered exactly what it promised. We now have a real-time feed of data from our CCTV cameras to our control room, and I’m amazed at how clear the images are. Security guards can assess incidents remotely and decide on the most appropriate response, so they aren’t needlessly putting themselves in dangerous situations.”

Mark Smith, sales director, Enterprise Networks & Communications EMEA, Zebra Technologies

“Our MESH technology and our wireless access points designed for extending network coverage to outside areas provide continuous, reliable coverage even in harsh outdoor environments. We are proud to help Riverside Park improve staff productivity and safety while enhancing the security of residents and business owners.”


About Zebra Technologies
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About Riverside Park

Riverside Park is situated in Nelspruit, the capital of South Africa’s Mpumalanga province. One of the country’s 60 City Improvement Districts, Riverside Park supplements its municipal funding by collecting maintenance levies from property owners. The precinct comprises 220 residential units, 4 shopping malls, 33 motor dealerships, 1 casino, 3 hotels, the National Botanical Garden and the Provincial Government and Legislature.

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