Xplore Rugged Tablets Now Available to Pennsylvania’s Public Sector Agencies via COSTARS

This press release was issued by Xplore Technologies prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on August 14, 2018.

State contract awarded to Xplore partner Allegiance Technology

AUSTIN, Texas – August 3, 2016 – Xplore Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: XPLR) today announced that its complete portfolio of Xplore and Motion by Xplore rugged tablet PC solutions is now available for purchase through the COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program in Pennsylvania.

The COSTARS IT Hardware Contract 003-437 awarded to longtime Xplore value-added reseller (VAR) partner Allegiance Technology now enables all Pennsylvania state and local government agencies – including law enforcement, EMS, and fire departments – to directly purchase any of Xplore’s ultra-rugged, fully rugged or rugged tablet PCs and accessories through Allegiance without additional authorization.

“We are very excited that the State of Pennsylvania has given its customers a clear path to the procurement of Xplore’s rugged mobile tablet solutions,” said John Hill, CEO of Allegiance Technology. “Public sector organizations need technologies capable of adapting to evolving business processes and rising data demands. The flexibility, expandability, and uncompromising feature sets of Xplore’s powerful mobility solutions make them especially appealing to budget-conscious agencies that still demand high-performance, best-in-class data and communications tools on a daily basis.”

Since 1996, Xplore has been designing and delivering the most complete lineup of Windows and Android rugged tablets to government workers worldwide. Both Xplore and Motion by Xplore-branded tablets are built to the mission-critical computing specifications outlined for public safety and government workflows, including inspections, investigations, incident response, and asset/infrastructure management. Each of Xplore’s six tablet PC platforms offer top-of-the-line data security tools for the state’s most sensitive operations, as well as genuine military-grade rugged protection against environmental elements and the typical wear-and-tear associated with daily mobile computer use. Externally, Xplore’s tough mobile PCs are fortified with a strong, ruggedized chassis that can withstand water, dust, drops, vibrations, and the extreme temperatures encountered in Pennsylvania’s climate and industrial work environments. Xplore tablets are also among the few mobile computers deemed intrinsically safe for use in Hazardous Locations.

“Xplore became one of the first manufacturers to fulfill the unique computing requirements of government sector workflows with a truly mobile PC platform,” explained Debbie Russo, Xplore’s director of channel marketing. “We’ve always relied heavily on customer guidance to engineer rugged tablets that deliver the real-time data resources required to improve community safety, complete military taskings, or execute government-funded manufacturing initiatives without fail. With this COSTARS contract in place, we’ll have the ability to collaborate on a broader scale with the people of Pennsylvania and ensure we’re delivering complete mobility solutions that support current and future needs.”

Productivity, efficiency, and cost saving gains are just three of the key benefits that come standard with Xplore rugged tablets. Companion keyboard, camera, voice capture, and active pen features make data-intense tasks easy to manage from any job site, as do barcode scanner and RFID reader options. Xplore tablet users will also benefit from uninterrupted connectivity to real-time information – and each other – 4G LTE, Bluetooth, satellite GPS and Wi-Fi. Xplore’s latest XSLATE B10 and XSLATE D10 rugged tablets even include up to eight I/O ports standard to allow for immediate connectivity to any job-specific peripheral tools.

For more information on available Xplore rugged tablets or how to purchase Xplore products from the COSTARS contract, please visit www.alltp.com. Free demo programs are also available for public safety organizations.

About Allegiance Technology
Since 2003, Allegiance Technology has helped customers choose the best rugged tablet for their organizations’ needs. With expertise in Fire, Police, EMS, and Field Service mobility, Allegiance assists customers with experience-driven hardware selection and software integration. For more information, visit www.alltp.com.

About Xplore
Established in 1996, Xplore Technologies Corp. is the number two provider of rugged tablet computers worldwide. With its recent acquisition of the Motion product line, the company now has the broadest range of purpose-built tablets for a variety of industries including energy, utilities, telecommunications, military and defense, manufacturing, distribution, public safety, healthcare, government, and other field service sectors. The company’s award-winning tablets are among the most powerful and longest lasting in their class – able to withstand nearly any hazardous condition or environmental extreme. Xplore's products are sold and serviced on a global basis across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific regions. For more information, visit the Xplore Technologies website at www.xploretech.com.


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