Zebra Technologies’ RFID Solution Helps Danish Hospital Improve Operational Visibility and Quality of Care

By reducing search time for equipment, RFID increases staff productivity

AARHUS – April 13, 2016 –  Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), a global leader in solutions and services that provide real-time visibility into organizations’ assets, people and transactions, today announced that Det Nye Universitetshospital has selected its RFID technology for a pilot conducted at Åarhus Universtity Hospital (AUH). The solution is designed to improve operational visibility, staff productivity and quality of patient care. It includes Zebra FX7500 fixed RFID and AN480 RFID antennas which are used to track equipment, medication and staff throughout the hospital.

Constructed to extend the existing Åarhus hospital, the new AUH is one of several ‘super’ hospitals being built in Denmark. When the construction is complete, AUH will be the largest hospital in Northern Europe with 9,500 employees and 4,000 patient visits daily. The RFID system tracks 20 different RFID tagged assets - from hospital personnel with staff name tags embedded with RFID to wheelchairs, beds and medical equipment to labels used on patient specimen samples. Staff can now quickly track and locate these assets through a map on their mobile devices to optimize workflows, increase accuracy and improve patient care.


  • The RFID solution provides AUH with a real-time, accurate and fail-safe view of its resources from staff to equipment.
  • Staff will spend less time looking for equipment, nurses and doctors are more easily located and moved to where they are needed, and patient samples are tracked in real time to avoid errors.
  • The Zebra RFID readers provide accurate data capture with integrated interference rejection; each FX7500 RFID reader has 2 AN480 antennas attached to ensure optimal scanning performance.
  • The RFID system was installed by Zebra partner, Lyngsoe Systems. Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics™ records all data from RFID labels and tags captured by the fixed readers. The data is integrated with the hospital’s logistics system and is presented to staff on their mobile devices so they can locate equipment, medication, samples and colleagues.
  • Lyngsoe Systems’ RFID platform remotely monitors the RFID system, and the company provides 24/7 support and maintenance. (Additional info at Lyngsoesystems.com.)
  • After the successful pilot, AUH will continue the roll-out until 2020.



Lars G. Knudsen, chief information officer, Det Nye Universitetshospital

“We now have a reliable, high-performance system in place, which allows our staff to locate our resources quickly and accurately. The feedback from our staff has been very positive, and we’re looking forward to exploring many more uses of the RFID system.”

Wayne Miller, director, Healthcare EMEA, Zebra Technologies

“This is the first pilot and deployment of its kind in Denmark. AUH shows just how valuable RFID can be in the medical environment. We look forward to seeing what else the AUH team do with the technology now that they have the core platform in place.”


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