Zebra Technologies’ Executive Testifies Before Congress on Wearable Technologies

Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing & Trade Holds Hearings on Disrupter Technology

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., March 7, 2016 —
Thomas D. Bianculli, vice president of the Emerging Technology Office for Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), testified March 3 on wearable technologies before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing & Trade, which is under the Committee on Energy & Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives. The hearing was part of the Subcommittee’s series on disrupter technologies.

Bianculli commended the subcommittee for recognizing wearable technology as a disrupter.  He explained how wearables have the opportunity to streamline work efficiency, allowing workers hands-free mobility with immediate access to critical information.  “Imagine having this ability while suspended high above the ground repairing the electrical grid or working inside an aircraft.  No hands required with the best information and experts instantly available. Wearable technology makes this happen,” said Bianculli. 

He also described how wearable technology will be able to transmit data or pictures by simply using a voice command.  “It is not an overstatement to say that the possibilities of wearable devices are limitless.”

He explained Zebra is focused on wearable technology solutions that will provide for uninterrupted workflow and foster the full range of possibilities of what real-time, eye-level information can do for business, government and non-profit users worldwide.

Bianculli said, “The economic benefits of wearable technology come from its significant impact on productivity across virtually every industry and economic sector.”  He said even a small increase in the efficiency of manufacturing or warehouse workers through wearable augmentation could bring significant economic benefits.

Bianculli provided a demonstration of several of Zebra’s industrial wearable technology products.  The company pioneered its first wearable technology products in 1992 with the introduction of its wrist-mounted computer and its finger ring scanner accessory designed to assist the logistics and transportation industry in more quickly-sorting, picking and loading parcels in distribution centers.  Today, more advanced versions of these products are helping to ship and track millions of online orders being shipped to homes and offices. 

Bianculli also showcased a hands-free, wireless, head-mounted computer using simple voice commands and head gesture controls to access complex data, video and voice. It was designed for use by field technicians in tough environments—tight spaces, remote locations or working high above the ground. Bianculli further explained the many other potential uses of wearable technology, including construction, military, public safety and healthcare.

Bianculli recommended Congress take a “light touch” regarding regulation of wearable technology. “The primary challenge is to allow for the rapid development, deployment and subsequent advancement of wearable technology in a manner that simultaneously addresses concerns over data security, encryption and privacy.  The goal is to encourage technologies which provide enhanced, secure and real-time visibility and access to information in a way that empowers workers to undertake more effective and timely decisions and actions.”


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